librachic17 asks:

Its been 6 months and my son still cries at drop off for preschool.

He was doing fine when he first started, some crying here and there but then he was fine. Out of nowhere it started again and now he's biting his nails and screams. My husband and I take turns staying home because I can see he is distraught but we have no choice but to go to work. I've asked him why he doesn't like it anymore and he said his teacher is being mean. We are looking into a new school this week but I wanted to know if any one else had a similar case.
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wqysgp writes:
I'm not sure if my reply helps u. Hopefully it may give u some directions to handle. I have seen children who have similar responses as your child does. Some children may have no ideas of schooling. Thus, once parents left them alone in school after orientation week, they are not comfortable with parents not by their sides. Otherwise, it could be that your child dislikes certain routine in school but have to follow as it is a school routine. It will be a better idea for you to maintain an open conversation with the teachers or principal to understand the issues your child has in school
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