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How do I get my 6 year old boy to stay in his bed and go to sleep?

I have started a routine, we have dinner together, then he hops in the bath and I spend time talking with him and sometimes read him a story while he's in the bath, or we read one after he has brushed his teeth, gone wees and hoped into bed. Once he's in bed I say goodnight, give him a kiss and cuddle, tell him I love him and its now time to sleep. We have a reward chart, as well. He gets up, I put him back, and/or tell him he will loose something if he doesn't get back into bed. Sometimes he makes such a fuss and starts being very disrespectful, to the point where he will hit and kick me or/and talk very disrespectfully to me. He is in bed every night at 7.30pm. He is getting bigger and it is very hard, sometimes almost impossible trying to physically put him back into his bed. He is very hard headed, he doesn't seem to care when I take things that he likes away from him, even though he has to do jobs to earn them back. The disrespect isn't just at night but also in the day sometimes. He goes to his dads every second weekend, I have tried telling his dad to have him in bed by 7.30pm.. I don't know if this happens or not, but there's nothing I can do regarding that. I don't have as much time with my son as I use to - I do a fulltime course and work part-time. Our weekly routine consists of... Wake-up - 6.30am, out the door by 8am. He goes to school, then after school care, I pick him up about 5pm, then we go home. I don't know what to do, I need help, please help!
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