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My 6 year old has made a new friend is now excluding his old best friend. How can I help him be the good friend I know he can be?

My son is in kindergarten, and has some self esteem issues  - he is diabetic, and quite a bit smaller than most of the other boys in his class.  As a result, he often gets frustrated by games that most boys play, like tag, because he simply cant run as fast.  He has had one great friend for the past three years - but recently has become friendly with a bigger than life class clown type guy.  When he is around both boys, he tends to ignore and exclude his old friend in favor of his new one.  I have asked him how it would feel to be treated that way by his friend, and he recognizes that it would feel terrible.  His old friend definitely feels the sting of being left out and ignored - My son usually apologizes and hugs his old friend when I point out his behavior - but then it happens again! How can I help him value his old friendship while still enjoying his new one?
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> 60 days ago

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