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My 6 year old I think is geting bullied and is getting in trouble for it

My daughter is sensitive. Shes a virgo I notic a few weeks ago she keptsaying to any one who upset her stop your trying to get me introuble. I thought it was unusual for her to say and so I asked her what was going on and if some one is upsetting her at school cause m I my self droped out of school cause of bullies so I know the signs and she said this boy annoys her and gets her in trouble when she tells him to stop. Its sad to see a second grader go through this I do not want my daughter to have the same fate I did I really value. education.  How is it that she is the one getting in trouble. she's doing what she is supposed to do telling him to stop to the point she's yelling at him to stop any pointer I can give her so she can get through the day.
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> 60 days ago

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