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6 Year old starting kindergarten

My daughter has a mid July birthday and our cut off day here is August 2nd for kindergarten so she would make the cut off fine. Can we decide to hold her back and not start her until she is 6 a whole year and almost a month after the cut off day? When we register her with having 3 years of preschool behind her will they register into kindergarten or will they have to place her in first grade because of her age? We live in Indiana also.
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Courtaney writes:
I live in Ohio, and here the cutoff is district choice, for August 1 or September 30. Our schools have chosen August 1. It is very common here to hold children, especially those with summer birthdays, and even those with birthdays int he spring--May, and sometimes April (especially children of teachers, which is telling). We will be holding my son who has an early April birthday but early August due date. He was a 23-weeker. But even if he had a May, June, or July due date, we'd have held him, regardless of how he was doing. April would have been borderline for me. He will have 3 years of preschool by the time he starts. He's reading well now, at 4.5, but he isn't close to writing his name yet...he's a little behind in fine motor skills and just needs more time to mature physically and socially. I didn't want him being the youngest in the class (even by due date). When I taught, the middle of the class tended to be December birthdays, sometimes January, back when the cutoff was Sept. 30. But one year in second grade, the average boy in my class was already 8 before school started! I think most states allow parents to hold a child a year before beginning kindergarten with no problem. Some even encourage it. In NYC, I heard the practice isn't allowed. But thankfully here it is. Kindergarten has become so much like first grade in the past, even a little like second, way more academic than in the past, with a lot required in writing (two sentences here by the end of the year and their reading level in May should be where students were supposed to be in November/December in first grade when I taught that 10 years ago). It's a lot to ask of most 5-year-olds. I've heard children should ideally be 5.5 before beginning in today's kindergartens, even closer to 6 for a boy. I think waiting is a smart decision and I haven't heard of it not being allowed in Indiana.
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