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My 6 yo son's bathroom issues. HELP!

If you are turned off or disgusted by the talk of fecal matter and defecating then this is not the post for you.

For as long as I can remember my son has had problems defecating.  He uses the bathroom once every 1-2 weeks.  and when he does they are so huge it's hard to believe a child has done it.  He holds his feces thinking its going to hurt but when he goes, he says it does not hurt.  
I've been trying to make it easier with Miralax, increase of fruits and veggies, laxatives...anything to make him go regularly but nothing helps.  The only way to make him go is through enemas and I want to stop doing that because, well, he's a boy. I've taken him to the doctor but they find nothing wrong.
When he does go to the bathroom regularly,  every day, he goes in his underwear - a thick, peanut butter type of consistency.  I ask him questions like why don't he just go to the bathroom but he doesn't have an answer. I've used embarrassment (threaten to put him in diapers), told him that he's a big kid, said his friends will laugh at him, but it does not work.  He will still go in his underwear and I always clean him up.  
He is a very intelligent child, smart as a whip, can hold a conversation like an adult.  This "setback" is just too much.  I grow tired of cleaning him and his underwear everyday.  I don't know what to do or who to turn to. So I'm asking the mothers/fathers on here..if they've been through this or understand what's going on cause i'm at my wits end.
Help plea
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