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6ft tall girl and 17, is this attractive?

I am 17 yrs old and 6ft tall, maybe a little taller now. Is this an attractive thing for boys? I find it hard to be confident in myself when people every day make a comment about it. Not a single day goes by without my height being mentioned. It's like someone saying, "Well, you're black." or "It's just because you're so bald." You just don't say that to someone. So how is it right to point out someone's insecurity day after day? I just feel like I am intimidating or something. I know I am pretty and have attractive features, so it's not that aspect of my appearance that I have issues with. I just think that maybe because I'm so different in stature it freaks people out, as to potential friends/boyfriends. What do you think?
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Celifrog writes:
Trust me, your okay. I'm a 15 year old girl who is 5"10 and my height get's mentioned quite a lot too. I'm not black but, I have Icelandic roots and my family is extremely tall. To be 'traditional' guys are the tall ones and girls are the short ones but who says it HAS to be that way? It really doesn't have to be that way, guys don't care about your height that much!
    Guys generally think about these things when looking for girlfriends:

-How much confidence does this girl have?  *Really important*

-How much interest does this girl have in ME?  *Really important*

-Does this girl look single?   *Really important*

-Is this girl shorter than me?  *Moderately important*

    If you meet 3/4 of these criteria when trying to find a boyfriend
they'll most likely go nuts for you.
   Okay in a theoretical situation with a hot guy that was 5"9, you, and
a short girl that was 5"3. If you're 6' and your confident you make a lot
of eye contact with this guy that looks sexy and, you open yourself up as being single, this guy is going to dig you!!

   My boyfriend is 5"7 and I'm 5"10 but, he still loves me anyway
and, I love him back so much!! Don't or do take this advice from me and, good luck in finding a boyfriend! ~Cheers =D
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