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How do I help a 6th grade girl overcome the fear of asking for help when she doesn't understand a topic?

If she doesn't understand a topic, she won't ask for help and the consequences are usually negative when test time rolls around.
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jmamable , Caregiver writes:
Hi dpennington,

I was exactly the same way growing up. I was an extremely shy kid, and my shyness was so intense that I wouldn't ask the teacher for help when I needed it.The reluctance to ask questions in class usually came from a fear that I was asking a "stupid question" or that I would be criticized for asking about something the teacher already covered. My advice to you would be to get her friends involved to give her a safe environment to ask questions in. Maybe you and some other parents could arrange a "homework club" between her and some friends she trusts (have the hosting parent check in on them to make sure they're staying on track!), or have her attend after-school tutoring at a local center or at the school with a friend. If her friends are more vocal, it might help her to see them ask questions, or it simply make her more comfortable asking for help in smaller group of people she knows appreciate her and won't judge her. As long as you make sure these are kids she likes and gets along with, this could be a good solution.

Don't stress too much about it, it's very likely she will grow out of it: I went on to major in journalism in college and am now a freelance reporter. I ask questions for a living!

Hope this helps!


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