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Is my 6year old ready for Grade 1

I have a 6 year old son who has attended creche since he was 3months old.  He is currently doing Grade R and he is battling.  I try to help him but he gets angry if i help him as he wants to do it himself (even if he is doing it wrong).  his Teacher thinks he needs to be assessed to see if he is ready for Grade 1 and if he can cope.  The teacher says no school is going to take him if he is battling with recognizing and writing the alphabet. Teacher says he must be assessed or go to a Special School.  I am in 2 minds about this.  I want the best for my child so if he has a learning difficulty then i would want him to go to the best school for him which will be the Special School as they will help him better then other schools.  But at the same time I dont agree with what the Teacher is saying about no school will be willing to take him if he doesnt know his ABC's.  Reason i say this is coz i have an 11 year old boy.  When i registered him into Grade 1, i asked the Principal if they assess the kids first or do they take any child into Grade 1.  The Principal told me that it isnt right that schools judge like this coz you get kids that have never attended Preschool so they havent been prepared in Grade R.  I agree with this so if Grade 1 takes any kids, whether you've been to Preschool or not, Grade 1 teaches you how to write and read etc.  Maybe he just needs more practice and Grade 1 he will have a whole year to practice.  Do u think he needs to be assessed?
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