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My 7 year old daughter trys to attack her father and sisters and hurts her self.

Hi, I have three children ages 8,7,5 all girls. My 7 year old has always had problems with her anger. We have to watch what we say or do around her. She is great at school everyone says shes an angle.  But when she gets home it all begins.  She will start out trying to pick a fight with her sisters and when we go and try to talk to her to find out what's wrong she flips out on us. She runs to her Room and kicks the walls screams as loud as she can like someone is hurting her. She will scratch her face up tell it bleeds. When we go to try and calm her down and ask her to take deep breaths and even try to hold her she attacks us. She has cornered her father with her fist clenched and one time chased him with a cooking pot. The look on her face is so scary and last night she told me she wants to hurt herself or someone else. I have called to talk to a councillor but the cant get her in tell next week. And im so scared for her . It hurts my heart to she my child hurting like she is and wanting to hurt her self. I have tried everything I could think of and more to try and clam her down but nothing works. Please I need advice on what to do tell we go to her appointment.   Thank you concerned mother.
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Boys Town National Hotline
May 5, 2014
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Seeing our children in pain is one of the most difficult part of parenting.

Making an appointment with a counselor is a good first step. Since it's going to be at least a week for you get into the counselor it maybe helpful for you to keep a journal of your daughters behaviors during this time.

Have you talked with your family doctor about the concerns that you have regarding your daughters behaviors. You might even try and make this appointment before you see the counselor. Just to rule out any medical issues.

Maintaining her and your families safety during this next week will be very important. If your daughter tries to start a conflict with the other girls encourage them to just walk away from her. Have a safe place in the house that they can go to.

This could be one of their rooms or if your daughters share a room then maybe the other girls could go to your bedroom or even a neighbor if you would feel comfortable with that.

Try not to engage in conversation that is only going to escalate the situation. Make sure that any sharp objects are out of her reach. Give her some tools that she can use to calm her self down.

This might be counting to 10, taking a deep breath, maybe encourage her to also keep a journal about how she is feeling.

Boys Town National Hotline

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