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My 7 yr old son is struggling with phonics, he is in first grade

His 1st grade teacher has been wonderful she has tutored him this school year for reading and he is reading so much better, not on the level she would like but he's doing good, but his spelling and phonics is not their, he tries so so hard and we study and practice but he still gets a C or D on spelling/phonics tests. He has a 100 in math and 100 in English, a high B in reading but a C in spelling. I need some advice to help him exp. with summer coming up . Also I don't know if this helps but he is a very very literal example last weeks spelling test a word was "looked" well he is trying to understand all the phonics rules so he spelled it "loukt" poor baby lol
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Jun 23, 2014
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You may want to check out Secret Stories (see link below).  Katie Garner, creator of this product, has "secret stories" that help children learn the different phonics rules.  Personally, I think this concept is brilliant. Children can remember a story (especially a secret one) easier than a rule or even a rhyme.  This is something I wish I had when I was learning to read.

Hope this helps!
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