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8th Grade Science Fair

(this is going to be wordy)
I'm in 8th Grade, science fair proposals (the topic) was due a week ago. I turned mine in got a 70% and a redo. I was going to do a research project called " Chemicals in Cosmetics" The teacher said to me that I was 'required' to have an experiment. ( My face was like >*< ) She also said I cant compare, meaning I cant use 'which one will'. I cant use vertebrae animals, bacteria, mold, volcanoes,  any chemical over 7 on the chemical scale. I don't want to do Cliché things like 'Mentos and Diet Coke' I want something worth of an A and that will get the judges and the teacher exited enough to care and submit it to county science fair etc. Please help. I have 'till 9/20/13 which is tomorrow today 9/19/13 ( not because I'm a procrastinator its that I cant come up with ANYTHING, and Google isn't helping the cause. School means a lot to me + food)  If you give me an idea I will be so grateful. Thank You.
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