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I really need help.

So i'm pretty sure i have a Schizoid personality. I've never been diagnosed by a professional before, but i've got to have some sort of defect with me, and that's the closest i can find. My symptoms include:
- I hate associating with people.
- There's no where i'd rather be then in my room, alone.
- Terrible in social situations. I just clam up and try to get away.
- I'm moody as f*ck. Always.
- I'm really f*ckin' pissed right now, 'cause i'm really f*ckin' uncomfortable.
- I basically live in a fantasy world. Not created for myself, but other people i fabricated and set off in an adventure.
- I'm lazy as f*ck.
- I lack motivation, and have no intention of getting it back. Frankly, i don't care.
- I have suicidal thoughts often. I think of how better it would be if i could just die and see what the universe has in store for me afterwards. It's an amazing mystery i want to solve.
- I have cut before, but it's only for extreme situations. Like, if i undergo some strong emotions, i don't know how to deal with them other than cutting.
- I really don't care about much. The only reason i'm typing this is because i don't have anything better to do.
- I have to constantly reassure myself that some otherworldly being isn't watching me or some sh*t. {F*ck off. Don't f*cking judge me, i can't help it.}

So yeah, that's the gist of it. Also, I only have one friend, and even then, i don't like being around her too much. We've known each other for years, but i just can't be
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