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Please answer, im lds and I don't know if a younger lds guy likes me or not. If u answer, i'll be very grateful!

Hi.Im 13,and lds there's a guy I like who's 12 and lds.I only really started liking him when the youth went to wild adventures to carol and ride rides.I'd always liked him a little,but the feeling flared up that day.I don't no if he likes me or if he's just nice.At the wildcat,we were trying 2 undo the bar,and he got it,then he said "Ladies first." and let me go in 1st.On the way to another ride,he asked 4 a hug,when in the past, he's never seemed like a hug person.It started raining while we were having lunch in the van we carpooled in.We went back into the park and it was raining hard.We were under shelter at the gate and talkin about whether or not 2 go home.I went skippin in the rain just 2 be weird,and he called "(My name) come back before you get soaked!"He was the only one to say something,too.When we were actually on 1 of the rides, he hit me (playful) and we just started play fighting.When our group was walking ,the two of us were a bit behind,then 1 of our leaders called him up,he went to the front and when they were done,he slowed down instead of leaving me behind,I was going slow because I was one of the only people lugging around a jacket,and I had already run 2 much in the beginning.On the way back,I was going to the YWs Pres.'s house, so I got out of the van with her.I hugged 1 of my best friends and got out.He opened the door to say bye and I hugged him and his hug was tighter than my friends hug.I no we don't date till 16 but id like 2 no 4 future reference.
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blueseahors... writes:
I think he likes you. :) Good luck!
17 hours ago

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