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Should i take AP Biology next year?

Should I take AP Biology next year instead of engineering? I think biology honors is extremely easy, and I like biology in general. I have like a 97 right now, and I think I ended up with a 97 last semester. I am currently a freshman, and I think I want to take AP bio in sophomore year. Here are my probable courses for next year:
Ap Calc BC (I'm two grades ahead in math (long story, short))
Lit H (I really don't like lit)
Chem H (supposedly extremely easy in my school)
AP World History (supposedly extremely hard in my school)
Spanish 3 H (Spanish 2 H is REALLY easy for me; I have a 99 in the class right now)
Finally, Engineering (not much work and fun projects, but I don't really feel like I learn that much)
OR AP Bio (haven't heard much about this class)

Admittedly, I do want to have time to hang out with friends about once every week. I also am somewhat of a gamer. I would like to play 30 minutes a day on weekdays and maybe 1.5 hours a day on weekends. I play a sport and workout for a total number of 5.5 hours a week. I do SAT prep at least 4 hours a week. I would really like to keep doing all of these.
Sorry this got so long.
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