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Can I authorize the Principal andor any other adults to NOT speak with my child about incident involving another student an teacher without me present

My daughter was a witness to a teacher pushing and shoving a student and now they are both being condemned for it.  This has been reported to the police by the students parents.  However due to "conflicting" stories that have been re-made by the principal (yes the principal did change my childs story to the police because he questioned her in private when I was supposed to be present and made up a totally different story) nothing is being done.  Yes, a teacher is bullying and nobody cares.  The public school system is corrupt.  Yes, surprising huh?  In any case I do not want my child talking to the principal/superintendent/teacher and/or anyone else in that school district about this subject unless I am present.  Is this a legal request I have seeing as my child is a minor and I am their parent?  Thanks.
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