Msladydh asks:

My boyfriends 14yr old daughter is sneaking around with boys, should I tell him?

I also have teenage girls so when his daughter comes to visit she confides with my girls which in turn they tell me everything. She talks very sexual and now has a boyfriend that she " loves more than life" my boyfriend and her mother have a rocky relationship when it comes to custody. He is supposed to get her every other weekend but often times there is one excuse or another as to why she can't see him on his weekend. I found out many secrets about what goes on with her, like giving her mothers boyfriends son oral sex before. I feel trapped because I don't know how to tell her father, also I think he may even feel powerless when it comes to disciplining her. Her mother acts as if the child's father is a culprit but in fact the child is very sneaky as the mom knows nothing about what's going on right in front of her face. I believe the mother is harboring bad feelings toward her father therefore making the father/ daughter relationship terrible. What should I do?
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