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My brother is 46 years old and yells at his mum

Basically he is doing like a spoilled child that behaves like panicy when is denied to buy another ice-cream.This behavior is happening for years now the guy is going to a psychologist and his given medicine for his recent deppression.
His behavior although he is not violent i believe he kind of terrifies our mum at some extend although she states she is not afraid of him.

Now this stresses me a lot and i talked with him and he promissed not to do it again.

In case it happens again what to i do?

-Talk to him again to promise again?
-Talk to our mother and see if he terrified her?
-Just let go its her problem?
-Since there is no violence just let it go?
-Use force becouse im fed up?

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> 60 days ago


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P_Swan writes:
I am no expert, but I would contact his psychologist. It is possible it is due to his medication, or even that he is not taking it properly or at all. He may need temporary hospitalization to get himself back into control again. Only his psychologist can help him, in my opinion. I Also suffer from "severe depression".  

Praying for you and your family.
> 60 days ago

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