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How do I take care of my ex talking badly about me to and or infront of my 5 year old daughter.

I just learned today that my ex is talking very badly about me around my 5 year old. I do not know how to deal with the situation at all. It is so bad that when she is staying for more that over the weekend when i call she doesn't hardly even want to talk to me because as soon as we hang up he is going to start talking about me again. I also believe this is why she attacks me when she comes home from her dads. Always telling me "mom you never let me do this" or telling me she doesn't like me. Always for about 2 days after she comes home from her dads nothing i do is correct and she is always yelling at me. Coming from my 5 year old that is the sweetest little girl it is really strange. I have already had to put her in counseling for her behavior which is how i found out about all of this. I absolutely hate him but I do not talk badly about him in front of her it is not fair for her to hear anything negative about him she is his daughter and i don't want to influence her relationship with him in anyway. I try to be as civil as possible when he picks her up or when i pick her up but he just makes it impossible so most of the time we don't speak at all. Any time i try to actually talk to him he is so rude i just don't even try any more because i don't want her to see him being disrespectful to me and thinking it is OK to treat me like that or let anyone treat her like that.
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