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use case diagram(clinic management system)

Assume that you have to develop a computer system for a Clinic. The Clinic Management Systems are computer software products that coordinate and integrate all the inherent activities involved in the management and running of a clinic’s facility. The Flow in the clinic is as follows:

Patient approach the counter or call and ask for any information about the clinic. The Receptionist will provide information about the clinic to patient when they call in to get treatment. The Receptionist searches the patient details using their IC Number and checks the doctor availability in the time sheet and fills the time sheet when the patient record is found. If the patient detail is not found, the Receptionist will add new patient record. The Receptionist will then give the appointment date to the patient. The patient takes the appointment and can have the option of canceling the appointment if necessary. The Patient visits the doctor. The doctor reviews the patient history and prescribes the medication for the patient. The patient approaches the counter and makes payment. The Receptionist provides the patient with the receipt & MC.

i. Draw a UML use case diagram for the Clinic Management Systems.

ii. Draw a UML class diagram for Clinic Management Systems.
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