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Do i have a case to file for a personal injury agains the school pls help..temecula

My son was attack in school ground this is not the first time a month ago a kid punch my son from behind and my son fell to the ground the the punch he got on the back of of his head and this kid got on his back and continue punching him left and right behind his ears rite on his head and due to that he had several contusions and he ended up with a concusions not only that my son is now suffering from anxiety i am also suffering the same thing i am scared for him and this kid who did that to him was suspended for about a month now and just two days ago we found out that this kid has been expelled from school so we were happy about that..and now just today my son was attack from behind again and this time this not only he punch my son on the head and again with a contusion he also punch him on the face on his left eye and it resulted a swollen shut eye..i am so sad for him he doesnt know why this kid did that to him what ever his reasoning is he has no right to hit him from behind i am a frustrated and angry mom i really dont know what to do anymore i am afraid for my son where is all the teacher and school ground security i dont understand how this could happen again to him.its almost like this kid is friend with this other kid who hit him the first time same everything. theres got to be a connection.. same ethnicity and they are in the class together its funny how just two days ago we found out this other kid is expelled and all of a sudden this happen again pls help
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Jun 24, 2015
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You have two avenues in approaching this issue. One is work with the school administration to provide supervision in areas that are open to physical assaults. Also to strengthen the policy against bullying, physical or verbal assault, or other offenses. The other is to proceed with charges of assault. This may mean the parents of the student who assaulted your son would be legally responsible for his actions, medical bills, and counseling.

I do recommend counseling for your son. His anxiety indicates he needs to learn how to avoid being assaulted, and that his feelings are normal under the circumstances.

Thinking outside the box, investigate having your son take martial arts after school. Martial arts may help him to gain confidence and teach him to protect himself. Martial arts also teaches that engaging is a last resort.

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