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Regarding changing our company name to Service-group, (service-Group is the only option as Service Group is unavailable. Please Help. Thank You, James


We are in the process of changing our company name and would like to clarify some points regarding this, if you could help us do this that would be great.
Please correct me if I am wrong, but with regards to hyphenating in words, we are aware that there are no set rules as such regarding hyphenating in words, but there are detailed guidelines.
Regarding hyphenation of words, the new company name we would like is: Service-group Ltd.
Would hyphenating these two words from an English and grammer perspective be acceptable in terms of the company name Service-Group?, Or would it have to be Service group?
The image that we must project is that we are a Group of companies providing services.
Our problem is the following:
If we stated Service Group without the hyphen, this could potentially mean or also mean that we are offering services only to a Group, like the word Group is or could be a person, or just one certain company or group, (e.g “service to the group”, - “we are services to a group”).   as like, we are servicing or serving only a certain group. Instead of the company name projecting that of which we want to be known as a group of companies offering our services.  Would the hyphen as in Service-Group erase all potential confusion and potential other meanings?

We would like Service-Group name to project a group of companies offering their services, we thought with the hyphen, this would bring the two words together to make one as such.

Thank Y
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