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College transcript question

My son has been attending a four year university for the past several years. He knew he had to go to college to get a degree of some sort in order to land a half way decent job. The unfortunate part is that he always claimed that he was not college material and never once enjoyed attending college, as a result he struggled all the way through. He didn't apply himself as he should have or could have and the end result ... he has a horrible accumulative GPA.

If he's lucky, he'll be graduating later in the year but only by the hair on his chinny chin chin. He'll finally walk away with a bachelor's degree but my guess is that his transcripts are pathetic.

It's taken him a while but he's finally grown up, buckled down and began seeking employment. But he's paying the price because he has attempted to go on line numerous times to apply for various jobs in his field and that he is interested in. The unfortunate part is that now he's finding out that the majority of the time he is required to attach his college transcript which he really doesn't want to do...hmmm...I wonder why?

My question is: what information does a college transcript provide? Will it show how long it took him to actually get a 4 year degree and will it show all his withdrawals and failed courses? If that's the case... is there any hope for him or is he doomed?

Any suggestions or tips you can give him would be greatly appreciated. My fear is that no one will hire him once they see his transcripts.  
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laurenf writes:
I was fresh out of college back in 2003 and applying to tons of jobs. Most jobs didn't ask for a transcript to be attached initially, but they might ask for your GPA. I had my GPA on my resume, and most of the time companies didn't ask for an official transcript until later down the line, if at all.

The one time I was asked to provide an official transcript was after I was informed they wanted to make an offer, and before actually receiving the offer. I would guess they wanted to see my transcript to make sure I was truthful about things like my major, GPA and time of graduation. How long it took me to graduate isn't something I ever really considered a company checking, but it does make sense.

I think it will initially be difficult for your son to land interviews. All candidates look the same on paper and it's very easy to judge who the "best" candidates are based on quantifiable metrics. But if he's provided his GPA and has made it to the interview stage he's found a recruiter who likes the entire package your son offers rather than just his academic qualities. A recruiter will probably ask why his GPA is so low when interviewing, and this would be a great time for your son to discuss how he's matured, persevered, and become more focused as he's earned his bachelors. Once your son lands his first job, transcripts and GPAs don't matter as much as work experience (unless applying to grad school programs and the like.)
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