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How am i going to cope up with an abusive instructor?

I am a college working student,yesterday I approach my instructor in the faculty room on what to do because the schedule that I should have my subject under him falls on the same time and day of my other subject.I am telling my reason why I can't attend on his schedule and to ask him on what am I going to do but on the middle of my explanation he stopped me telling me things that shocks,hurts and humiliate me,he said that i am only reasoning out,and I don't like to attend my class under him,,there are other things that he told me, I tried to tell him that i'm not reasoning out I was about to tell him what is my other subject and my instructor that he could check when he stopped me mid sentence almost yelling at me "you go out,your talking nonsense" he said this in the vernacular I turned my back my tear fell,i 'm deeply hurt, humiliated, and abused. he did these in-front of my other instructor.I cried as I went out the room..after I feel like a bit calm I went to see our college Dean, to ask him on what to do, I was crying as I told him what had happened, He had solution on my subject problem and told me that he will talk to the instructor. I'm always teary eyed every time I remember the incident. I feel I'm emotionally and verbally abused.Please help me.Thank you.
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