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My daughter is 5. She got angry today and pulled out some of her hair. This is the first time she's done this. What does this mean Should I be worried

I have three girls. We're a blended family. My husband has an eight year old from a previous marriage and I have a five year old and a three year old from my previous relationship. All three children live with us full time and see their other parents for weekend visits, not every week though. Me my five year old and my three year old were in the car when she got angry about the music and she said "hurt myself" and pulled out some of her hair. This is the first and only time she's done this. I'm not sure what to do she is usually good at using her words and when we talked about it afterwards she said she wouldn't do it again. Should I be worried?
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39 days ago


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newblendedf... writes:
My daughter did the hitting herself about the same age. I just talked to her about the importance of using her words. I asked her did it help when she hurt herself. Of course she said no. And I said now isn't that silly when you could have just used your big girl words to solve the problem. They still have a little of that toddler behavior left over at 5, by 6 it usually is gone.

She'll be okay, I would just talk to her if it happens again.
27 days ago

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