shalatha asks:

My daughter is 6 yrs old and she told me that kindergarten is boring. What should I do?

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Jan 17, 2013
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Here are some possible things you can do to address your 6 yr old complaints about kindergarten being boring.

1. Speak to the teacher and see how your daughter is responding in school.  What she is reporting to you and how she is behaving may not match. Ask the teacher: Is your child engaged? Is she acting distracted?
Is she complaining about being bored in school? Is there anything else going on that she may be experiencing that she may label "boring?"

2. Speak to other staff who interact with your daughter and ask similar questions of other teachers, guidance counselor, principal.
How do they perceive your child experiencing school?

3. Talk to her when she is home, and ask her some questions.
What is making her feel bored? What does she enjoy in school?
What does she not?  Notice I avoid "yes/no" questions, though there may be a place for them, such as, "Are you feeling okay in school?"
I also stay away from "Why?"  "Why" usually gets an "I don't know."

Does she seem upset about something? Is she acting in atypical ways?
Does she say this every day? Or is it intermittent?

Of course, she may actually be bored, because what is being taught may be too easy.But sometimes kids say they are bored if they are tired in school or stressed about something. She may even be getting hungry at certain times and may need an extra snack.

Do a little research and see what you can discover, but take encouragement because this may pass on its own.  

Bette Freedson, LICSW, LCSW, CGP
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pigtoria writes:
Hi Shalatha,

 Years ago when the economy was good and family can live on just one income, preschools are not as popular.  Thus, children first introduction of “formal” schooling begins in kindergarten.  But with our current economy, both parents have to work so children are sent to preschools as young as 2 ½ years old.  In general, children who went to preschool will find kindergarten “boring” as they have learned all the academic contents that kindergarten will be teaching them.  However, kindergarten teaches more than just academics.

  Back in the mid-1980’s,  there was this popular poster that listed “Everything I Need to Know About Life, I Learned in Kindergarten”.  There were about 30+ things on the list and the top of the list was “learning how to share”.  Kindergarten teaches children how to socialize, how to play with others, how to be less self-centered, how to wait, how to following instructions, how to take turn, how to work in team, the list goes on.

            When my second grader was “bored” in kindergarten, I enroll him in out of the classroom activities.  We did drawing class, swimming class, kinder music class, and a foreign language class.  He was happy and learned a lot.  You could consider enrolling your daughter in extracurricular activities after school and on the weekend.  Many park and recreation facilities offer these classes at a low fee.

          Hope this help!

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lynellen writes:
Is your daughter able to keep up with her class?  Some children who are struggling in certain academic areas say they are bored to keep from admitting that they are struggling in an area.  A talk with her teacher to determine if she is doing o.k. in all areas would be helpful.  If she is, her teacher may have suggestions for activities to enhance her learning and reduce her boredom.  Her teacher may be able to supplement your daughter's classroom activities as well.
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