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I think that my daughter is bullied or embarrassed to go back to school, what do I need to do?

My daughter is very intelligent she has been an honor roll student since she began school , she is in 2ND grade. She is well liked by the teachers and students . Last year she was bullied at school. I let her principle and one of her favorite teachers know . It was handled in the right manor. .We addressed the bullies and everything seemed fine. This past summer my daughter stayed with her grandmother . While she was there she had gained 14 pounds. ..It was heart breaking to see. I was suddenly taken back to when I was a child . I love my mother . She is a wonderful women . However, she doesn't have the right knowledge on nutrition. make the long story short  , I was told by her pediatrics that I
needed to get my mother to come with us on the next visit to the doctor. I explained to my mother but she suddenly took it personal and was hurt by it. Needless to say, I haven't been able to get my mother to attend an appointment with us . In the meantime , schools almost over and my daughter has written me a note last night begging me not to make her go to gym or school for that matter. What do I do?
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thedana writes:
self-confidence is the answer. Tell her who she is put some power in her hands .
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