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My daughter is being bullied in school but her teacher doesn't work with us...

My daughter is being bullied by a girl from her class.She is in 2nd grade. This problem started in music class where her class room teacher wasn't there. The girl began to have a bad attitude with my daughter, started to bother my daughter diary by calling her names, giving her bad looks, sending other girls to call her names, and walking up to her to laugh in her face. My child was affected by this and told me about the situation, now she doesn't go to school. My daughter needed help from a teacher. So I told her to talk to her classroom teacher. She did. But her teacher response was "just mind your own business". Her teacher didn't care about it. The girl kept doing the same thing, bullying. My daughter stood up for herself and talked back to the girl yesterday. And now my daughter is in trouble, she was put in the "Bad line" where the problematic kids are placed and showing other people to shame in recess time. My daughter had to say sorry to the girl because she talked back to her bad way. My child is really confused to why she needs to say sorry to the bully.
I disagree in the manner which the recess teacher and her class teacher did yesterday. So I wrote a letter for both of teacher and principal this morning. They called me and they are just compelling me to understand that bullying does not exist in school. And they say that my daughter is too sensitive.
Now, I really don't know how can I resolve this problem.
Please give me advice about this situation.
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Jun 20, 2013
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The challenge with 2nd graders is to understand the severity and frequency of the behaviors that are occuring. There are 2 approaches that you should consider.  The first one is to make sure that you have a realistic picture of what is going on.  Ask for input from the classroom teacher on what she has observed your daughter do, and how your daughter gets along with others. Take that information and evaluate what you can then do to ensure that your daughter is dealing with peers effectively.  It may be hard to be objective, but as a parent you can't control her classmates but you can help her to learn to deal with them.  She will have interact with all sorts of peers throughout her school years, so now is the time to help her self monitor.
Secondly, if you truely feel that your school is not being cooperative, you may want to consider the following options:
1.  When you put your concerns in writing, prioritize and document your main concerns.  Make sure that you communicate your desired outcomes.
2. Provide this document to the school.
3. School districts have superintendents and boards of education that assist in making decisions regarding issues that are not resolved within a school; as a result parents can contact them with all unresolved issues.
4. If you have worked with everyone within the schooldistrict and feel that there is still no resolution, you can contact your state's Dept of Education.

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