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should i let my daughter see her dad?

my daughters 6 & started seeing her dad at a year due to his difficulties . Contact went well & i thought he had changed but a year in to our relationship we started arguing & i became aware he had a drinking problem & his behaviour wasn't right as he would get frustrated v quickly. when my daughter turned 4 i said to him i want a break & after a year of this break i find out his formed a new relationship. obviously i was v upset but i continued to allow contact however he started missing visits with her dad& i too found it hard being around him esp when he would say he misses being with me etc etc which made me wonder who he was here to see! he then started telling me that him & his gf were arguing i& his missing his family, he occasionally would turn up drunk & when his at his house id have him & his gf calling me whilst having arguments which apparently was about me. i almost felt he was playing with my emotions & began t feel hate towards his gf & blame her for our family breakup!! All these problems & mixed emotions were doing me mad. And i felt i was getting too involved in there problems arguments etc plus on top of that he wasn't doing a good job at being a father & i felt i wasn't either with the amount of stress i was under. he then slowly stopped seeing his child as i had stopped encouraging him which i usually did. i decided it was better for my daughter to stop seeing her dad and moved. She's now not seen her dad for 3months & although asked for him seems happier
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