tvmambo asks:

My daughter is shunned and excluded from her 1st grade recess/playtime activities by her classmates.  How can I help?

This morning my daughter stated she heard one of her classmates say that she had only invited my daughter to her birthday party because her mother forced her to do so.

Two weeks ago we found out there had been another birthday party that was attended by the entire class with
the exception of my daughter.

It nearly brings me to tears to see this beautiful, intelligent little kid cast off at age six.

She has issues with her fine and motor skills which have greatly affected her performance in 1st grade.  We are doing many things to aid her... tutoring, occupational therapy, swimming... but within the classroom, where she longs for a friend there is nothing but disappointment.

I'm reaching out because she is the most special thing on earth and her light has to shine.
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