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destroying my social life

in year 9 i made up a massive lie , and although it was my fault it escalated , very BADLY. i made something up and other people added, but i could never blame anyone because it wouldnt of happened if i hadn't started it . one of my closest friends has started hanging around with an old friend, megan, she knew all about the rumours and told my friend amy , who believes them, when amy asked me almost a year ago, about them i told her other people had totally made it up and that none of it was true . she asked my today and i just said i didn't want to bring it up. my friend doesn't give up easily and she WILL ask again, my whole social life will come crashing down if i tell her. im terrified of telling her or anyone else. it been well over a year , please help me what can i do?
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> 60 days ago