GrandmaJudi asks:

What is the most effective discipline for an out-of-control 29-month-old toddler?

Just this past week he broke his father's glasses after being spanked for getting hold of them and twisting them the week before.  Also, two days ago, for reasons unknown to me [his grandmother who lives > 900 miles away] he got so angry while at the babysitter's that he kicked her dog unconscious.  I'm afraid that he is well on his way to becoming totally out of control.  I never believed in corporal punishment when his mother and her brother were growing up. . .except in the event of a dire emergency:  i.e. one of the children escaped and attempted to run out into traffic. . .or. . . one of them tried to run away in a large store where they might have been abducted.   However, this child's behavior seems to be going from just the normal legendary "terrible twos" type behavior into the realm of where a parents' and grandparents' dreams turn into real nightmares.
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