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Should i see a family counselor or do you think this is a phase all kids his age go through?

I have a 3 1/2 year old boy and a 22 month old boy as well. My older boy is a very active, sweet and loving boy. I always hear from other people that for his age he is very smart. Unfortunately, he does have one problem and that is that he doesn't like to obey or listen to me or anyone. I was told by the nanny this week that his behavior is not normal because a lot of kids his age obey their parents and he doesn't. He can hear me calling his name 20 times and he won't come to me. I have tried time outs, talking to him, spending more quality time with him and telling him that what he does is not good and that it hurts mommy’s feelings, but he says "sorry mommy"  he hugs me and kisses me a lot which means he has good feelings is just that maybe he has so much energy and that makes him the way he is. It's hard for me to be yelling at him constantly, I try not too. I hate telling him no all the time, so i try to be patient but sometimes it's just too hard for me to handle. Of course, now my 22 month old is talking back to me and saying things that the older one is saying and well the story goes on and on.

Should i see a family counselor or do you think this is a phase all kids his age go through?

It’s just so overwhelming to me because I do work full time, my husband as well and well my husband has little patience when it comes to the kids. So I take full responsibility sometimes because I don’t like it when he screams at them since I think screaming makes thin
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Jun 30, 2010
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Raising kids is a a job and a half!  When parents work full-time and have to deal with their children's behavioral issues after work , the family life might get strained.

You mentioned that your older son does not respond when you call his name.  Could he have problems hearing?  Have you discussed this with his regular health care provider?  Often, children who have vision and/or hearing deficits exhibit behavioral difficulties due to frustration coming from the inability to see or hear adequately.  Schedule an appointment with your son's health care provider for an evaluation.  During that visit discuss other behavioral issues that you are having, and she or he will be able to assist with further referrals if necessary.

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