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Family problems in regards to my children

I have 3 children, 12,9,8 year old. my sitter is a family member(my aunt) i pay her bi-weekly($200) for my aunt to care for them until i get back from work. my children come come on their own. all she need to do is watch them and sometimes feed them.  because most of the time that does not happen, my kids starve until i get from work at 8-9pm. from 3pm that they get out of school. now i have a problem where i have the sitters younger 23 yearold daughter asking me what kind of mother i am, picking up my kids late and that i am not a good mother because i dont take my kids out on the weekends. i really need advise on how to respond to this. i dont want to have a problem with my aunt and her daughter so. please help m. i am a single parent, no one helps me take care of them only me. i pays bills, rent, and have to work until late at night.
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