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What do you do when you feel your child's teacher and principal are just trying to get him out of the classroom to not have to deal with him?

My son is 6 years old. His father and I have been divorced for 2 years and he only sees him on the weekends. Me and my son as well as his 4 year old brother have been going to therapy since the split and things are mostly calm at home, but my son acts out at school generally after spending the weekend with his dad. He was recently put in In school suspension for holding his fingers like a gun and pretending to shoot the teacher because she said something to him he didn't like. I agree that he acted inappropriately, and there is a no tolerance policy due to the many school shootings across the country.  The thing that bothers me is since the incident the teacher and principal treat my child as if he is a sociopath that is truly going to hurt someone.  His teacher went as far as to make the comment "I have never been afraid of a child before but the look on his face scared me" yet they won't allow our therapist to come observe him in class almost like they are hiding something. Boys play super heroes and use weapons and it is age appropriate as much as I hate to see my kids pretend to beat up each other as good guys and bad guys it is all play.  Now I feel that the teacher looks for anything to write home about as a behavior problem.  Pretending to yawn during reading group. Not sitting still on the carpet. Not participating in group activities.  Eating hand sanitizer. (My son is adamant he only smelled it and if he did eat it why wasn't poison control called) what can I do?
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