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Can I fight retention for my 14 year old son in NY State

In the 2012-2013 school year my son was in 8th grade. He has a 504 plan in place. In my last meeting (principal was not there) the committee said my son would go on to the 9th grade. For most of his 8th grade year I was having problems with my son's insurance. He was supposed to be on meds. He went 6 to 7 months without being on those meds. His overall average was a 70. He did fail a couple classes. The principal has told me he was holding him back. I went to CSE and they told me they had no control over this decision. She said they just assume the child will pass all exams. I am now trying to get in to see the Superintendent. My son is not aware of the schools decision. Do I have any say in this decision?? Does the principal have the FINAL decision??
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