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Any figures on how many dads in South Carolina are raising kids alone?

"I've done a lot of out of state work around the country and recently became a single dad due to the death of my ex-wife. It seems to me that there are more instances of dads raising kids alone in South Carolina than any where else in the country (that I've been). Any figures on this?"

Asked by Jerry after reading the article, "Fathers Raising Daughters: The Unique Challenges of Single Fatherhood":
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dgraab , Parent writes:
Hi Jerry,

I'm sorry to hear about the recent death of your ex-wife, and hope you are doing ok in your new role as a single dad.

The South Carolina Information Highway website (or "SCIway") may have the single dad statistics you seek:

The South Carolina chapters of Parents Without Partners may also have insights to share with you:

Below are some additional resources you may find helpful to your situation.

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