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What should I do if my friend was beat with a stick by fourth graders?

My friends love wolves. No I'm not crazy.we have spirits as wolves. we keep each others back, chase each other for hunting fun,play in the grass. We mind our own lives and do not get into others, We do not believe in harming others for 'fun'  and we do not bother others.
So yesterday, (November 12, 2013.) Two 4th graders, one girl, unknown and one a friend's sister charged two friends.Leah, one of my friends defended by leaping and growling at them, then the unknown 4th grader grabbed Leah's hand and snapped it back, thus running away
Today when Leah and Madison were out near a tree area, the unknown girl was back(but not the friend's sister) with 4 new fourth graders, they chased them as they ran to the field and two other friends,Candace and Austin came to help. Candace was driven off, I myself was talking to another friend when I heard barking and yelling. Turning around I seen the fighting and was about to help but yanked away by Amy(Girl I was talking to) Maddie was soon backed away from Leah but kept fighting off the kids from her Leah was circled in on and grabbed by the unknown girl(their 'leader') and pulled down, her 'group' had got a stick and were hitting them with it. Leah was pushed the group then enclosed on, and hit with the stick and pushed around. Also they pulled Austin's arm down, stomped on it, and almost bit his face. And finally then a teacher stepped in and broke it, both the 4th and 6th grade teachers were reported to, but should I do more?
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Boys Town National Hotline
Feb 26, 2014
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If it happened on the school grounds and teachers have already gotten involved and intervened, there may not be anything more to be done.  If you were a witness to it, and have more information or details to report that have not already been reported, then you should come forward.  

We sure hope that everyone is OK.  It sounds like your friends were minding their own business and some other kids wanted to stir up some trouble.  Be safe.  Be honest.  Remember it's usually the ones who strike second that get in trouble, so get an adult invovled if this happens again.

Laura - Crisis Counselor
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