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Hi everyone! I am bisexual and its not that i get attracted to every guy i see but whenever i am alone in my house and i see a guy (in 20's or 30's) who has good looks  nearby (like a balcony opposite to mine    or a place where both of us are alone) i tend to to take off my clothes , get naked nd pretend that i accidently came infront of him! (Like i accidently dropped my towel) I feel horrible afterwards but those moments , the temptation for another guy to check me out irresistible to me! Idk why i do this and i want to stop! I dont do this to girls! I want some suggestions bcoz i m 19 years and i have been doing this activity for a long time!
PS i do this to people who are not related to me ...that means anyone in my social cirlce doesnt have a clue about this!
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Sep 22, 2014
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Your description of your behavior indicates you have a strong desire to stop taking your clothes off as you described.  A key clue in your post is that you feel bad afterwards and want to stop.

It is clear that you need a professional counselor to talk with and to work through this behavior.  In all likelihood a professional with experience helping people is a key way for you to work through your thoughts, needs and behaviors.

Seek assistance right away and best wishes.

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