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What governing agency does the Tahoma School District of Maple Valley, WA, (including principals, and the school board superintendent), answer to?

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My son was called a name by his teacher, and has been treated with bias and unnecessary harshness by him, as well. The teacher attempted to do some "damage control" after calling my son the name, by going to the Dean Of Students and manufacturing a couple of weak, unsubstantiated, (fabricated), complaints to try and "justify" his poor judgement regarding what he said. The name is on the record, and several others heard it, so there's no question as to the validity of it actually happening. He's exaggerated several "incidences", giving details that weren't true to the Dean, and I was given specific information as to what he alleged by the Dean. While the teacher's assertions about my son were all minor in nature, they are still untrue/exaggerated, and result in my son being reprimanded unfairly in way form or anotherl. All this to create a vague sense of my son as being somewhat troublesome, (he's hasn't ever been in any trouble; his teachers, with the exception of this one, all find him well-behaved and quiet...easy to manage overall)...the exaggerations/falsehoods he's fabricating are as troublesome as the name, since the intent is to cast doubt on my son's "reputation" - or his behavior, more specifically. I've found that school personnel tend to circle around one another in a unified front, making it hard to get any actual relief/results when dealing with even the principal, or the superintendent of the district, (who makes it rather obvious that he'd prefer a parent go th
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(continued) through lower channels to deal with issues of this nature. We've observed a CONFLICT OF INTEREST when trying to sort through this with the principal - and possibly even the superintendent, (I'm not sure his job description even includes issues of this nature...he doesn't seem very eager to be involved in these types of concerns). So, the question becomes: where to turn for unbiased, objective resolution of this? We'd like to see the facts of our complaint on record, in case something like this comes up with another student regarding this teacher. We're also going to request that our son be transferred to another teacher who's instructing the same course at the same time. We're just not sure who/what agency to contact about this issue.
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dgraab , Parent writes:
Hi, Sorry to hear about the situation with your son.

Have you already documented the issue in writing at the district level? Here is the district's page in SchoolFinder (if you don't already have their contact info handy):

And here is the school board's website:

Beyond the district or local school board, you might contact the Superintendent of Public Instruction for the State of Washington:

According to the office's website: "The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) is the primary agency charged with overseeing K-12 education in Washington state."

Here is a listing of the agency's leadership:

From the information on their site though, they appear to be focused on policy issues and education standards, not individual conflicts at local schools. Given that the Tahoma School Board are elected officials, you may have a better shot at getting heard at one of the school board meetings, or by getting involved in the next School Board election.

Here is a resource center on that offers information and advice for building positive relationships with teachers and administrators:

Good luck -- I hope you are able to resolve the matter as soon as possible.
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