celticwoman asks:

how to handle a teacher that favors athletes

I'm very upset that i'm yelled at and treats me like i'm wrong if i do math in a different way. What makes me mad is when he starts bragging and saying that two of his favored students are smart and listen. I do not know alebra but i'm not helped but inored for not being athletic and it makes me mad. I'm tired of teachers only picking and favoring the athletes and those who have had alebra, but those who aren't like them are treated like they are dumb, I want to withdraw from school. I can't stand being yelled at, blamed for not knowing math and not being a athlete. the teacher says i'm wasting his time and he hates those who aren't in football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and expects me to be the same and i'm not!!!!!!!!!
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> 60 days ago