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How to handle an unprovoked assault on my son in school that resulted in my son breaking his wrist really bad.

My son was involved in an unprovoked attack where a kids came up behind him, grabbed him and threw him to the ground.  My son sustained a displaced fracture of the radius and another fracture of the ulna.  My son doesn't even know this kid and has never had words with him.  We pressed charges against the juvenile, who already was on probation.  Do we further this with a lawyer or let the juvenile courts handle this?   My son is missing out on 3 of his sports teams.  He has been casted for 3 weeks and has at least another 4 to go.  Any thoughts on how to handle this one.
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Apr 18, 2014
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Thank you for reaching out for support.  It sounds like you aren’t sure if there is anything further you should do to help your son after a physical assault at school.

It’s great that you already got involved with the person responsible and are holding him accountable for his actions.  It seems like since he was already on probation, he probably has his own issues.  This attack on your son might have just been part of his issues and would have attacked anyone; it just happened to be your son.

You have already pressed charges so the charges will go through juvenile court since he is a minor.  They might add more consequences such as services, times, etc. onto his probation if you continue with the charges.  There will most likely be a court date for a hearing if you continue with the charges.  It’s your own judgment and your son’s wishes on whether to hire a lawyer to request reimbursement for medical treatment, loss of activities, etc.

It might be best to talk to your son about what he would like to do.  He is the one who will have to go back to school with these other students.  If he feels like he was violated and wants to continue with charges then help him do so, but if he wants to drop the issue and attempt to move forward then help him process his feelings about the situation without making it public.

If you or your son need more support you can always reach the counselors at the websites provided below.

Jenna, Counselor
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icebluevelvet writes:
If you pressed charges with the police.  You could try and go a step further by getting a restraining order against the person who attacked your son and having it served to him and his parents at their home.  Then they would have to respond in court.  Also, file a civil suit against the attacker and his parents.  Possibly file a lawsuit against specific parties, the school, and the school district if you believe they are not doing enough to protect your son.
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