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Harold spent 1/3 of his money on a TV set and another 1/4 on s DVD player. The TV set cost $45 more than the DVD. How much money did he have at first?

How do If figure this question out?
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laurenf writes:
Hi 4cam4nick,

Let's use "X" as the amount of total money Harold had to start. If we apply the information supplied above, we get this equation:

(1/3)X - 45 = (1/4)X

Now we need to solve for X. Since we're dealing with fractions of 1/3 and 1/4, let's multiply the entire equation by 12. This leads to:

4X - 540 = 3X

And if we solve for X we get X = 540.

Harold originally started off with $540.

To double check we can put 540 in for X and we'll see that the equation checks out:

(1/3)*540 - 45 = (1/4)*540
180 - 45 = 135
135=135 Check!

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