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Teachers: are you using Howard Zinn's history books in your classrooms? How so?

In reflecting upon the life and death of Howard Zinn (American historian and professor emeritus in the political science department at Boston University), I'm wondering about the use and impact of his history books in U.S. classrooms.

I had the privilege of meeting Howard while working in progressive radio in the mid-'90s, and appreciated his book, "A People's History of the United States" very much. I understand that the book has been used in some U.S. high schools and colleges, and adapted for a documentary, "The People Speak." There is also a version of the book for pre-teens, "A Young People's History of the United States."

I'd love to hear from teachers (including homeschoolers) about how you're using Zinn's historical works in your classrooms and how your students respond. Are his books resonating more than traditional texts? Inspiring students to want to learn more about history? Any other impacts or learning to relate? Are there any curriculum resources you'd recommend for other teachers planning to use Zinn's books in their classrooms?

Thanks for sharing!
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In addition to posting my question here, I also sent it to Rethinking Schools. This is the response I received, from Bill Bigelow for the Rethinking Schools staff and editors...

"The most extensive collection of articles and resources related to teaching Howard Zinn-related curriculum is ...

Last week, I interviewed Howard Zinn for the Zinn Education Project, posing questions that we had collected from teachers around the country. To listen to the interview, go to and click on the "Authors on Air" icon."

Thanks Bill!
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