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My new husband's adult child and family living with us.

It has been 4 months since my husband of 2 years' family moved in with us. If they treated me respectfully I would be okay with it. But they don't. And they don't like my husband and I helping my college-age daughter to moved out to allow them her former room.

We gave the daughter a high quality used bike.

I have been gracious and have accommodated them and their young child. But sneaky things keep happening: my eye liner has now disappeared. When my step-daughter first moved in she said, "I hope you don't mind--I went through your things in your bathroom--just to see what you have."

An afghan that used to serve as a throw over a chair I like became ruined. I think it must have been put through the washer and dryer. I noticed it and laughed saying that my daughter must have done it. The step daughter said, "Dad said that it was important to you."

The step-daughter is 31. Her husband, 33. Their child, who is autistic, is nearly 4. My husband told me not to ask them about their jobs. The daughter got a freelance job with a church and as far as I know, there have been no deliverables in 4 months. They asked her father for money for an expensive air ticket overseas where the son in law completed a PhD defense. They expected him to pay. We didn't have the money. They see me as the problem why he can't fork over huge sums of money any more since marrying me.

We did buy my 21-year-old a car. They resent that.

I suggested the husband get a job within walking dis
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