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How or where do the kids get directions for the games/lessons?

The games start and my daughter has to guess how to play the game. Is there a better way? I have the volume turned up all the way!
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Lisa18967 writes:
play mahjong games..
play solitaire..
play wild taxi..

 10-Minute Life Lessons for Kids: 52 Fun and Simple Games and Activities to Teach Your Child Honesty, Trust, Love, and Other Important Values
I purchased this book after reading the glowing reviews from other parents. The concepts are great, the games and activities - truly ten minutes or less - are creative and effectively teach the lessons they set out to teach. However, I disagreed with previous reviewers who found this book helpful for opening up lines of communication with their pre-teen and teenage children. These are sound lessons, but I don't see how any parent could get their older children to participate without a lot of eye-rolling and protests of "I am SO too old for this." More interesting for older kids are "201 Questions to Ask Your Parents" by Pepper Schwartz or "201 Great Questions for Kids and Parents" by Jerry Jones. Both books allow older kids to ask parents about their feelings and life experiences in a way that makes them recognize parents as regular people, just like them, who grew up just like they did, learning and making mistakes along the way - not infallible, inaccessible, or larger-than-life as we sometimes seem.

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