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please help me learn

hello my name is Katelyn  . i was born with Fetal alcohol syndrome , i also suffer from ptsd . i graduated high school in 2005 . it was a modified diploma . im writing this letter to find out if any one would be willing to help me with something . you see i love to learn as much as i can . when i graduated i was at a 3rd grade level . i have 2 todders and cant go to college not only that but im not exactly smart enough for college . im looking for free workbooks and free work sheets . please someone get back to me . i want to be able to help my girls with there homework when they grow up .im very serious. i know that schools are going to be closing for summer and i love to learn please help me out .
 my address is
kateyn williams
52683 ne sheena place
Scappoose Oregon 97056
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> 60 days ago

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