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Male Children Bathing Female Child- inappropriate?

Hi there. I have a 2 year old daughter, she often stays the weekend with her grandparents ( on her dad's side) and their 3 children- a 17 year old girl, 14 year old boy, and 10 year old boy. The siblings are extremely close- they often take showers together and sleep in the same bed. The last visit, the grandmother mentioned to me that the 10 year old boy bathed my 2 year old daughter. At first I thought he just gave her a bath, which alone to me was a little strange, but it turns out he got into the shower with her, bathed her after he bathed himself. I know these boys they are GOOD kids, I don't think they would doing anything inappropriate to my daughter- I just don't think it's a good idea to put him in that kind of situation unattended. Boys can be curious, and I just want everyone to be safe- ESPECIALLY my little girl. I am an only child so I don't really understand the sibling dynamic. Is this behavior normal? Am I overreacting? Any insight would be extremely helpful.
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dedes1 writes:
This is not good for either child. From what you say all of these children are good kids. If it is a one time thing it was probably done without thinking about what could happen.

Whether anything happened or not it is placing the 17 year old in a very dangerous situation legally and otherwise. If the authorities (daycare, babysitter, police, school, cps, any) find out they are required by law to take action. If it is an innocent act of friendship and relations this has the potential of destroying his life at such a young age. If it was not an innocent act it is evidence of a major problem for the whole family.

As for your daughter, even if nothing happened it is sending the message that it is ok to bathe, be touched, or play without clothes on with boys and men. At two children are soaking up not only knowledge of the world but what is ok socially, morally, ethically and every other way. The question would be is this what you want to teach her.
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