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Want to do MBA without Bachelors

I may have a genuine problem which you might not have received before.. I am a 34yrs/Indian female, residing in Khartoum- Sudan, working for last 15 years (since 1998). After I finished my high school (12th grade), I had to discontinue the idea of going for Bachelors due to my family's financial circumstances & today after all these work experience that I hold I am still standing behind in the cue, & that's why I decided to continue my studies in this age. Unfortunately, where there are no options available here for me to do my Masters without earning bachelors degree or even a diploma..I have to study for 4 years (bachelors) & 1 year (honors) & then around 2 years (masters) which is 7 years & I will be 41 years old which means I will be left with very limited age in order to achieve what I want, I firmly believe that with my involvement into business (customer service, banking, events management, marketing & procurement) till now, I can very well go for the Masters degree directly.
My question is, where can I apply for masters without bachelors? OR are they any short duration bachelor programs available? if yes, where & how can I apply?
Please guide, please please guide me.
Thanks, God bless.
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> 60 days ago