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Why does my mom yell at me all the time???

Why does she yell and get mad? I am 20 and I work monday wednesday and friday(all day) and go to school tuesday and thursday(after noon till 7) I don't drink smoke or do drugs.. she gets made at me because I'm never home and I don't have time to spend it with my family. She doesn't let me hang out with friends because she thinks they are bad. I don't do anuthing bad with them. I pay the depth off and each time I get my paycheck I give it to her.. I also don't talk back or yell back at her.. I help her clean the houses because she is a housekeeper. When I come home I'm very tired and she yells at me that I don't help her and that I don't clean.. when I try to explain she doeant understand me she says I'm bad.. and not Christian. And I have a boyfriend and she thinks its a sin.. she always yells and cries.. I cannot live like this. I tried to have patience but I have no more strength.. its like I'm never good enough.&when I do make up with her.. my brother comes home&she yells at him&he goes chilling and partying and when he leaves she starts yelling at me and tells me I'm a horrible person& I won't go to heaven.. its really hard.. I don't know what to do anymore and how to make her stop. Whem I didnthave a job or I didn't go to college. She would always tell me I'm lazy and I don't have a job or go to college I'm sucha lazy *** and don't do anything.&when I got a job and I try to be independent she doesn't let me and yells at me for hanging out with my friends on weekends:(((
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